Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Best Way To Gain Muscles Fast Is Through Interval Training Coupled With Strength Training

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for a way to get the most results out of your workouts in the least amount of time. Heck, we all lead busy lives, so usually the first thing that falls off the plate when we are time limited is our workouts. If you want a solution to being able to gain muscles fast then read on.
Cut Body Fat Levels To See Results
Have you ever run into the issue of working out for a period of what you thought was a long time and just never seemed to see results? You probably already know and understand how to gain muscles but the issue may just be with your body fat levels. Unfortunately body fat can cover up a lot of our muscular gains and can even make us look rounder and not as defined as we would like. The solution to this problem is to combine resistance (i.e. strength) training with interval training. You probably already have the resistance part looked after so let's talk about the interval training part and how it can leapfrog your muscle gaining results.
Interval Training Is Your Friend
First off, what is interval training anyways? Interval training is a form of cardio usually done on a treadmill or stationary bike. The idea is to combine high intensity bursts with lower intensity recover time. Before we get into the form of the workout we need to discuss heart rate levels.
Listen To your Heart
One thing that comes in quite handy is a heart rate monitor of some type because you are going to want to know what your heart is doing throughout the workout. This may vary a bit depending on your current fitness, but you are going to be using 40-50% of max heart rate for your recovery and then 80 - 90% of max heart rate for your bursts in each set. A typical workout might look like this:
Jump on the treadmill and warm up for 5 min so that you get the blood flowing and the muscles limbered up. Once you are warmed up you would run or cycle for 1 minute of 80-90% of max heart rate and then 1 to 2 minutes of 40-50% of max heart rate to help you recover before your next set. Keep moving back and forth between your bursts and your recovery periods. Since you are giving the heart a good workout, you do not need to do these for extended periods of time. The awesome thing about interval training is that you really only need your routines to be 20 - 30 minutes long to get similar results when compared to long slow boring cardio of an 1 hour. Most people I know would prefer to get their workouts done in the shortest time possible (I know I do).
Just Give It A Try
Try pairing both your strength training and interval training together for a lethal calorie burning combination. Life is busy, so use your time efficiently by combining your strength and resistance training and your cardio into one workout. You will be amazed at the results that it gives you.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gaining Muscle Fast Demands Commitment

Fitness experts all over the world have debated different paths in the goal of gaining muscle fast. Whatever additional things that may be done in this process, two things remain constant: diet and exercise. Casual attention to these two things are not enough to put on muscle mass. Dedication to specific weight lifting exercises and particular eating habits is essential to reach maximum potential.
As a starting point, diet should be addressed because if you are not eating the proper foods in the correct amounts, no amount of exercise will maximize the mass your body can achieve. A person should take in no more calories than is used during the day. One pound is roughly equal to 3500 calories, so putting on a pound of muscle over the course of one week would require 500 additional calories a day.
Specific combinations of carbohydrates, protein and fat are necessary to maintain a healthy body. The best protein is found in meat. Experts say that protein should be 35% of calories consumed in a day. Lean protein in the form of chicken, turkey, and beef may be readily available in local markets, whereas other lean meats such as bison and venison could be considered specialty items. Proteins are essential to health because they are the building blocks of our cells, but they aren't the only nutrient the body needs to build muscle.
Carbohydrates supply energy to the muscles. Simple carbohydrates are found in vegetables; complex carbohydrates are found in grains, potatoes of all types, pasta, and rice. A combination of the two types of carbohydrates is good for healthy eating, but the energy in the complex ones fuel muscles for the heavy drain exercise requires.
Building quickly is achieved through heavy weightlifting. Fitness experts agree that the regimen must be threefold: heavy weights, few repetitions and lifting to muscle fatigue each set. The weight used should be increased in each successive workout so that progress is made and the workout stays challenging. Specific targeting of a single muscle will bulk that one, but in order to increase overall, compound exercises will build more than one muscle at a time, thus speeding the process.
There are some health and safety tips to keep in mind. First, use a spotter to reduce the chance of injury while lifting heavier weights than the body has adjusted to. Second, stay hydrated with water so that cramping will not become an issue. Third, allow the body to rest and repair one day a week because the intense workouts are breaking down, separating and rebuilding the existing tissue.
Some bodybuilders insist that protein shakes and supplements are essential to bulking up. Proper research about what supplements provide and safe sources for them should be conducted by the individual crafting the plan. Nutritionists agree that multivitamins will be a good idea to round out what the body needs for good health.
Adding muscle has more health benefits than just looking better. Becoming leaner through better diet and less body fat can increase bone density, lower blood pressure and make your body more efficiently use the food you eat. In working toward becoming stronger, better habits might become a permanent part of the lifestyle, making overall health better. The combination of a better diet aimed toward building lean body mass and heavy weightlifting in the proper manner should have the effect of gaining muscle fast.